Blog Sponsorship

I accept sponsored blog posts for products and/or services, provided they’re useful to my readers.

If that sounds like your products or services, keep reading!

My Audience:

The Side Blogger’s audience comes from all over the place. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Monthly website pagevies: ~42K+ via organic traffic, Pinterest, and social media
  • Email list subscribers: ~7.7K (active), ~41% open rate, ~4.7% click rate
  • Location: Over 55% US-based
  • Demographics: Over 60% identify as female
  • Interests: Writing, blogging, content marketing, online income, graphic design, freelancing

What I offer:

An in-depth, long-form blog post written by yours truly, search engine optimized, and ready to woo readers!

The Side Blogger champions long-form reviews and tutorials. These are at least 1,500-word blog posts and may contain short videos for demonstrations. (Canva, Writesonic)

All blog posts are shared with my email list subscribers and social media followers.

I utilize relevant affiliate links within my posts and disclose these links as well as sponsored content within the body (the same page) of the content.

I create/write all sponsored content, and all opinions are my own.

If you think your products or services will benefit my readers, shoot me an email at [email protected] to start a conversation about sponsoring a blog post on this website.

Products and services I’m happy to write about:

If you wish to sponsor a blog post on The Side Blogger, ideally, you have a product or service that helps my audience — which is comprised of fellow writers, bloggers, designers, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs — in their creative journey to grow their online businesses.

What I do NOT offer:

  • I do not offer ads on the blog.
  • I do not accept paid guest posts.
  • I do not offer paid link placement.
  • I do not include do-follow links on sponsored posts.
  • I do not promote products or services that don’t help my audience in their online business and creator journey.
  • I also do not promote products or services that are in direct competition to my own products and services.


Everything I share on The Side Blogger is public information, but the content I create is copyrighted. You may share a link to the original post, but you may not reproduce and post duplicate or modified content anywhere else.

If you wish to syndicate with a proper canonical link to the original post on this website, please contact me first.

Questions and inquiries? Send an email to: [email protected]