Blog Sponsorships

Here at The Side Blogger, readers come from all over the world with over 55% of the traffic from the US. With more than 40K average monthly views and over 9K email list subscribers (with a 34% open and 4.65% click rate,) TSB readers are a curious and engaged bunch! We’re bloggers, creators, coaches, writers, designers, and freelancers. We own our businesses online, and thrive!

And I (I’m Maliha, hi) love connecting this awesome audience to brands I love. (Past sponsors: CanvaWritesonic)

If you have a product or service that my readers would benefit from, and wish to have it featured on The Side Blogger, you’re at the right place! To get started, shoot me an email to: [email protected]

What I offer: 

The Side Blogger champions thorough review and tutorial blog posts that its readers find useful and actionable. These posts are long-form (1,500+ words) and may contain short videos for demonstrations. All blog posts are shared with its 9K+ email list subscribers and 18.5K+ Pinterest followers. 

I utilize relevant affiliate links within my posts and disclose these links as well as sponsored content within the body (the same page) of the content. 

I create/write any and all sponsored content, and all opinions are my own.

Products and services I’m happy to write about:

If you wish to sponsor content on The Side Blogger, ideally, you have a product or service that helps my audience — which is comprised of fellow writers, bloggers, designers, freelancers, online entrepreneurs — in their creative journey to grow their online businesses.

What I do not offer:

  • Ads
  • Paid guest posts
  • Paid link placement
  • Promoting products or services that do not help my audience in their online business and creator journey.


Everything I share on The Side Blogger is public information, but the content I create is copyrighted. You are not allowed to share, distribute, reproduce, use, or sell anything you find on this blog.

Questions and inquiries? Send an email to: [email protected]