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I accept sponsored blog posts for products and/or services, provided they’re useful to my readers. Below you’ll find information on sponsoring a blog post. 

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Please read this page and check the media kit before sending me an inquiry.  Then, when you’re ready, email me to

I partner directly with brands and businesses who want me to promote their products or services, provided the products/services will be of interest to my audience.

Please note: I do NOT accept blog posts that are intended for link insertion or paid link promotions. All links within a sponsored blog post are “nofollow” links.

Examples of sponsored blog posts:

Brands I’ve partnered with for sponsored blog posts include Canva, Writesonic, Envato, Shutterstock, and others.

My audience:

The Side Blogger’s audience comes from all over the place. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Average monthly traffic: ~30k+ users via organic traffic, Pinterest, and social media
  • Email list subscribers: ~9k
  • Location: Over 50% US-based
  • Interests: Writing, blogging, content marketing, online income, SEO, graphic design, freelancing

What I offer:

For a full list of services and pricing, please see my media kit.

I may utilize relevant affiliate links within my posts and disclose these links as such.

All links to the products and/or services within the sponsored content will be nofollow links per Google’s suggestion. They’ll also be marked as sponsored or paid content.

I create/write all sponsored content, and all opinions are my own.

Products and services I’m happy to write about:

If you wish to sponsor a blog post on The Side Blogger, ideally, you have a product or service that helps my audience — which is comprised of fellow writers, bloggers, designers, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs — in their creative journey to grow their online businesses.

What I do not offer:

  • I do not offer paid link placement.
  • I do not include dofollow links on sponsored posts.
  • I do not promote products or services that don’t help my audience in their online business and creator journey.
  • I also do not promote products or services that are in direct competition with my own products and services.

How to inquire about a sponsored blog post:

If you think your products or services will benefit my readers, shoot me an email at to start a conversation about sponsoring a blog post on this website. 

Make sure to include details of your products/services in your email so I may determine if they’re a good fit for my blog.

Please do not just ask me for a price without introducing yourself or which brand/company you represent. These emails will be trashed and marked as spam.


Everything I share on The Side Blogger is public information, but the content I create is copyrighted. You may share a link to the original post, but you may not reproduce, duplicate, or create derivatives.

If you quote any part of the content from this website that’s more than 10 sentences, please get in touch with me first.

All mentions and quotes must link back to the original content on this website.

Questions and inquiries? Send an email to: