Should You Use AI to Write Your Blog Posts?

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Should you use AI to write blog posts
Some time ago, an AI writing software company paid me to write a blog post about their product. I used it myself, tested it, and really liked it too; liked it enough to pitch them the said sponsored post myself.

It was fun, and at that time, it was the highest-paying sponsored blog post I had ever worked on.

How to Make Money with Sponsored Blog Posts: A Complete Guide

I loved the tool then, and I still like it enough to recommend it to my readers — readers who will benefit from an AI writing tool, that is.

As for me, once I was done with the testing, I was also done with using an AI writing tool. Not because the product was bad (in fact, it was better than I expected it to be!) but because I wanted to pull my hair out.

Let me explain.

Not that long ago, I commissioned a blog post from one of my readers. They knew more about the topic than I did, so it made sense. Their writing, however, was another matter. I mean, I’m not the best writer out there, and they were worse than me.

Trying to edit their blog post was an extremely taxing experience, and by the time my editing was done, I felt more tired than had I written the blog post myself.

And that was for a blog post written by an actual person!

Getting an AI software to write the way you want it to sound is a mind-numbingly boring experience for me. It may not be for some bloggers, especially if all you care about is getting a lot of content out of the door and you couldn’t care less about the process, but that’s just not me.

When to use an AI writing assistant software to write your blog posts

  • If you’re not particularly fond of the writing process
  • When you need to churn out a lot of content within a short period of time
  • If you don’t mind the tedious process that is inputting or updating prompts over and over to perfect your AI writing assistant’s handiwork
  • If you’re not particularly interested in creating a brand
  • If you’re flipping a blog (to sell it) and need a lot of content (quantity,) but not necessarily quality
  • If you don’t mind sounding like… *drumrolls*… AI

When you should NOT use AI to write your blog posts

  • You love the writing process
  • You love to do your own research
  • Your personal, unique voice is part of your branding
  • Your content business doesn’t depend solely on creating a lot of content within a short amount of time

You see, I love the frustrations that come with researching a blog post from scratch, I love crafting sentences, and I love creating something unique that came entirely from my own mind, however mediocre they may be.

So, yeah, you may write a blog post 20x faster with an AI writing software, and no, you won’t get any judgment from me for using AI, but me? I’ll stick to the good old traditional writing for as long as I’m able to.

I started my blog to make money, sure, but I also started a blog because the idea of making a living with words, even if they’re just “content,” was a dream I didn’t think would ever come true… and yet, it did 🙂

Yes, it takes me forever to write one blog post. And I’ll tell you what, I love every bit of the process 😉

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2 thoughts on “Should You Use AI to Write Your Blog Posts?”
  1. First, I feel a lot of pressure leaving this comment when I just read your blog post about how to leave comments. 🤣
    But I’ll do my best. 🙃
    I’m so glad you wrote about this! I’ve been using Jasper AI to help me write blog post titles and to get started when I’m feeling stuck, but I felt uneasy- like I was cheating.
    And I agree that it’s more work than it’s worth. I think I’m going to cancel before the trial ends and learn seo to help me.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Donna, thank you for your comment. I wouldn’t say it’s cheating, per se, it really comes down to the user and their preference. But yes, maybe you’re like me and you enjoy the process of writing and doing the legwork 🙂

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