More than One Way to Blog and Succeed

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Many ways to blog
When I was a brand new blogger, my inspirations were people like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, Elna of Twins Mommy, and of course, Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger.

These were the bloggers I looked up to and they spoke a language I understood.

They worked hard, they wrote a lot, they genuinely loved writing, and while they treated their blog like a business, they never forgot their roots as writers.

I loved it!

Writing was a dream I never thought could come true.

I come from an engineering background. I’ve always been an avid reader, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be possible for me to make a living with writing. But these guys — Michelle, Elna, Jon — they gave me hope. I thought I could be someone like them if I worked at it and tried my best.

I had other responsibilities, and I was also extremely slow to write. One blog post per week was all I could manage, and some weeks not even that. But I was also teaching myself how to SEO, observing other bloggers so I could pick up on trends and the latest best practices, and researching those I considered my competitors even when they had no idea that I even existed.

But at the core of it all, there was my love for writing, even when it was how-to articles and lists. Some “elite” writers look down on content creators, but me? I didn’t care about being an elite. I was too busy being giddy every time I was making more money than the last month. When I made enough money to pay my rent and all the bills from my blog, I thought I was the luckiest gal alive!

Here’s a math and science person with an engineering degree—writing, blogging, and making a life out of it with the written words. Can you believe it?

Well, that’s just one way to go about blogging, I suppose.

And now, enter Adam Enfroy.

Adam is a very different type of blogger. He comes from a digital marketing background, so by the time he started his blog, he knew all the things that bloggers like Michelle, Elna, myself, and many others were learning on the job.

He started his blog after I did, and within a year, his monthly income surpassed what I made in a whole year in my third year of blogging! And guys, I made well over $5k/month in my third year of blogging…


He worked hard alright, but in a very different way than myself or the ones I mentioned before.

Here’s what he did:

  • He set up his blog.
  • Wrote just a few pillar articles — not weekly, super long-form articles.
  • Spent 100+ hours (between his full-time job and the blog) every week doing outreach (for guest posting and link building)
  • Then hired freelancers and content companies to write a TON of guest posts in a very short time.
  • He had so many backlinks from so many high-authority websites that within 3-6 months of starting his blog, his posts were already ranking on Google’s first page.


Don’t get me wrong; I don’t envy him.

First, he was working 100+ hours every week. Sure, he didn’t do most of the writing, but his was a different kind of job, and I’d take writing over doing outreach and cold emailing leads any day, even if I make way less money than he does.

Second, he had money to hire freelancers. When I started blogging back in 2018, I was broke AF.

Third… I just really do love writing!

So, the point of this post is that there’s more than one way to blog and make money.

Adam’s way is via outreach. Mine is with writing well-researched and search engine optimized (SEO) articles as often as possible.

Now, a proposition.

All that said, if your blogging style is more like my style, I invite you to join my blog writing workshop where I’ll show you how I do what I do, with max focus on researching and writing the type of content that actually drives traffic to your blog, converts your readers into subscribers, and then subscribers into buyers.

You’ll learn SEO, step-by-step research techniques, and some simple ways to enhance your writing even if you were not born a Hemingway. Also, I doubt Hemingway would’ve been much of a content marketer…

In other words, in the blog writing workshop, you won’t just learn how to write a blog post… you’ll learn how to be a content marketer!

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4 thoughts on “More than One Way to Blog and Succeed”
  1. Hi Maliha! I was having a hard couple of days thinking about my blog and the fact that I’m not really link-building. My DA score has gone down which had me questioning how much time can I really dedicate to growing my blog… but then I thought to come read some of Maliha’s posts – she’ll have something helpful to share. And that she did – haha. Thank you for sharing this post – I feel way less anxious knowing that there is hope in the way I blog and backlinks aren’t everything. I don’t want to kill the joy that writing gives me, by frantically trying to grow it – I rather take my time – commit to writing SEO posts about topics I enjoy. You’re awesome!! I look forward to reading your content, always.

    1. Thank you, Ilakkiya; these are such kind words! And don’t you worry about domain authority 🙂 Unless you’re aiming to build a multi-million dollar blogging business in the next 12 months, slow and steady is the way to go.

  2. I love your blog posts and content! As a new blogger I literally read all your emails and blog posts because I look up to you! So thank you❤️

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