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Resume + Cover Letter | Canva Template - Sabrina

$24.00 $15.60

Forget boring resumes. Use these resume and cover letter templates instead. They’re professional without compromising aesthetics. Customize the templates with your information and copy, easily with Canva.


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What’s Included:

A 2-page resume and 1-page cover letter template bundle; US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches).

– 2-page resume
– 1-page cover letter

You’ll receive a PDF with a link to the Canva template.

What You Need:

A totally FREE Canva account to customize the templates.

Make sure your computer has Adobe Acrobat (or Adobe Reader) in order to open the interactive links. If you do not have either, you can download Adobe Reader for free from here.

Best Practices

– The link may expire in the future, so it is preferable that you open the template right after purchase, and save a copy in your computer right away. It is also advised that you save two copies, leave one of them unchanged, and make your customizations in the second copy, in case you need to start over.


**All sales are final and non-refundable as these are digital files and delivered instantaneously. Please download and make copies of all templates promptly. Links may not be valid after 30 days.**

A two-page resume and one-page cover letter template made with Canva.