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Classifieds are short, text-only blurbs that help you promote your website, products, podcasts, books, services, freebies, workshops—whatever you want—on my newsletter! Here’s what a newsletter looks like.

Newsletter details: (Approximate values) 9.5k subscribers, 43% open rate, 1.5% click rate.

Days: The Side Blogger newsletter goes out every Tuesday and Friday.

Ad specs: All ads must be 300 characters or less (text only). If your copy goes over the limit, I’ll write an optimized version.

*I reserve the right to reject an ad without explanation. In such cases, I’ll issue a full refund.

Buy your ad here:

  • → Individual ads $127
  • → 4 Ad Bundle (10% off) $457

    When you buy 4 ads, use coupon SMALLADBUNDLE to get 10% off.

  • → 5+ ad bundle (18% off) $520+

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Summer Special: Pay what you want! ($45 minimum.)

Regular price : $127

Frequently Asked Questions

I have ~9.5k subscribers, a little over 43% open rate, and around 1.5% click rate. Based on past ad clicks, the Cost-per-Click or CPC tends to be $3 – $15. (Repeat ads tend to get more clicks, FYI.)

Up to two (2) unique ads per newsletter. Order of appearance is based on purchase order (as in, whoever buys the first slot gets the top spot).

No; these are text blurbs only.

No. All URLs are hyperlinked, so you need not count link/URL characters.

Please email me with your edits. Note that all edit requests must be made at least three (3) days before the ad is scheduled to go out. (Email:

Yes. In the field where it asks for ad text and link, mention that you’ll be sending them later via email. Note: you must provide the ad text via email at least three (3) days before your ad is scheduled to go out. (Email:

The classified ads are currently sold as “pay-what-you-want,” so there are no additional discounts. Simply enter a desired price for each ad (must meet the minimum price as stated).

That depends on availability. Feel free to email me with your desired day and I’ll let you know whether or not that’s possible. (Email:

You may cancel an ad for a refund at least 14 days before the ad is scheduled to go out. You cannot request a refund within the last two weeks before a scheduled ad. You can still request that an ad be canceled within the last two weeks, but there won’t be a refund in such cases. (Email:

I don’t provide click-through data, but if you’d like to track clicks, you can create a free account and track clicks on dashboard.

You can subscribe to my newsletter to see the ad for yourself, or, after the ad runs, you can send me an email requesting a link to the email. I do not supply this unless specifically asked via email AFTER the newsletter goes out. (Email:

Not at the moment.

Screenshot of a typical ad section in the newsletter.
Demo of newsletter classifieds.