Blog Sponsorship Contract Template (Canva)

Blog Sponsorship Contract Template (Canva)


After purchase, you’ll get:

  • A PDF document with the Canva template link and directions to customize the template.
  • 4-page Canva template for a blog sponsorship contract, with relevant copy that is written by me, specifically for working with brands who partner with bloggers to promote products or services.

What you need to do:

  • Please read the entire document carefully and edit information as necessary.
  • Pay special attention tot he red text. They’ll need to be updated with your, the advertiser’s, and the deal’s specific information.
  • After you’ve made the necessary customizations, please change all the red text to black.


Sponsored blog posts are a great way to create an additional earning stream from your blog, and at the core of a brand partnership is the contract!

This template has the exact wording I have used in my own brand partnerships. All you have to do is customize the details—names, contact information, rates, and other deal-specific information—and you’re good to go.

While I’m no lawyer, I have spent days scouring the internet, compiling all the information I could find on creating blog sponsorship contracts, and this template is the result of my research.

This 4-page contract template includes:

  • Contact information for both blogger and advertiser.
  • Partnership specifics: Services to be rendered, details about content, and timelines.
  • Deliverables and payment details and timelines.
  • Copyrights and disclaimers.
  • Signatures and dates.

Customize this contract, save it as a PDF, and then use a digital contract service to sign and seal the deal. I personally use Adobe Sign [← affiliate link]; it’s easy to use, intuitive, and takes care of creating fillable areas, sending contracts, collecting signatures, etc.

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