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If you need eyeballs on your blog, newsletter, product, podcast, or whathaveyou, you’re at the right place!

You can now place an ad on my (Sunday) newsletter and have my pals’ eyeballs on your stuff!

(And yes, I totally think of my subscribers as my email-pals!)

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My audience & demographics:

  • My newsletter subscribers are fellow bloggers and creators trying to scale their growth and income.
  • Currently, I have 8K+ active(!) subscribers.
  • On average, the newsletter has a 46% open rate and a 4% click rate.
  • According to Google Analytics, more than 55% of my audience comes from the US.
  • Also, according to Google Analytics, more than 60% of my audience identify as “female.”

What you get:

  • You get the only ad slot in my newsletter. It appears somewhere in the email body, depending on the day’s content.
  • I send it out on Sundays to all of my subscribers.
If you have any questions, send an email to
Sunday Blogger Newsletter Ad Spot

Ad Requirements & Terms:

  • All ads include one (1) link.
  • Ads may be a small image + text or text-based only.
  • All images should be 600px by 400px (maximum.)
  •  For image+text: no more than 30 words.
  • For text only: no more than 60 words.
  • You must provide the ad copy and link (you’ll be asked to provide those during the ad purchase process.)
  • I reserve the right to edit the ad copy for readability, brevity, and editorial style.
  • If I deem the content inappropriate or if your product is in direct competition to one of mine, then I reserve the right to reject your ad (with full refund, of course.)
  • My newsletter is NOT a place to promote ideologies, hateful or harmful rhetorics, pornography, etc. I reserve the right to reject an ad if I deem it inappropriate without explanation.

Reserve your ad spot in my newsletter.

$ 150 One ad, one email
  • Ad appears in the email body
  • Image + text, or text only
  • One (1) link
  • Sent out on Sundays only

If you have any questions or other inquiries, or if you need to edit your ad content, please email me at

You may request cancellation at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance for a full refund.