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Medium Income Report: December 2022

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December 2022 Medium Income Report
Medium is the decade-old, brand-new kid on the block. LOL. I’ve been on it since 2017, since before the launch of even this blog, and yet, it was only in June 2022, barely seven months ago, that I decided to take the platform seriously. Needed a challenge, and Medium was right there… so why not?!

Anyway, long story short, I want to keep a public journal of my Medium performance (and also everything else I’m learning about the platform.) That’s why I created this sub-blog on my main blog—to keep track of all things Medium.

This also includes a monthly recap of my performance.

Since this is the first such monthly report, I’ll do a December report and also a recap of the last seven months, so you have a better idea of how things have been so far.


December Medium Earnings & Stats

It’s funny, as you’ll see shortly, between June and September, my income grew steadily, from barely $30 to $196. But then, since October, my earnings have steadily declined. I have my theories, which I’ll share in a minute, but let’s look at December earnings first:

Screenshot of December 2022 Medium Earnings from the Partner Program dashboard.
Screenshot of December 2022 Medium Earnings from the Partner Program dashboard.
Story earnings $93.89
Referred member earnings $11.35
Total $105.24

Here’s a breakdown of other stats:

I published 16 new stories, and they were, admittedly, not that good. I also published them all on either my profile or my own publications, which are still in their infancy, so, not a whole lot of followers or views. The total number of published stories is 185.

I had 5 total referred members, one up from November.

I gained 121 new net followers and 8 new net subscribers.

All of my stories performed badly, but since I have 185 stories, all the little bits of earnings added up.

The highest-earned story was “A $1,000+ per Month Side Hustle That’s Actually Fun.” It’s actually an older story from August. In December, it made $12.03, but this story has earned me a total of $95.93 since publication.

Highest-earned Medium story from December 2022
Highest-earned Medium story from December 2022.

Other December Updates

I made a publication a few months ago: The Content Generation. It’s a publication about content creation and content creators. I was the only one writing on it, but in December, I opened it up to other writers. And no, swarms of writers didn’t start applying to be a writer…

Turns out, managing a publication isn’t easy! Finally, I gave up waiting and reached out to a few writers myself. Three of them joined and submitted their stories, so that was cool. But I have more work to do. I still need to find more writers and do some outreach. Soon, hopefully.

My goal is to grow this publication this year and find some amazing writers who’ll submit regularly.

If you’re a content creator and wish to write for my pub, you’ll find the submission guidelines here.

That’s all I have for December. So, now let’s look at what June – November 2022 looked like.

Medium Earnings and Other Stats From June – November 2022

Between June and September 2022, my earnings steadily grew. After that, it steadily declined. LOL.

Here’s what I *think* happened… quite possibly:

I started publishing crap stories because I was swamped with life issues and well, when that happens, my writing suffers. So, of course, my views and reads dropped… what was I expecting???

Take a look at my earnings…

Medium earnings between June and December 2022
Medium earnings between June and December 2022
June $29.19
July $59.62
August $141.41
September $196.27
October $143.52
November $125.14
December $105.24


Plan for January

Well, I did a few new things in January… but hold that thought; I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with my January report 😉

That’s it for now. If you’re not on Medium yet or are new to it, you’ll find a beginner’s guide to Medium here.

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