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Medium Income and Stats Report: January 2023

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Medium Monthly Income and Stats Report: January 2023
Welcome to January 2023 Medium income and stats report.

Well, long story short, I wasn’t very productive in January, and it shows in the following report.

Anyway… let’s jump right in.

Here’s a video report if that’s more your cup of tea. If not, just keep reading!

January Medium Earning:

In terms of total income, I made a dollar-something more in January from December. But in truth, I’ve made less from my stories. But I did get three (3) new referred members in January, which resulted in slightly more total income.

In December, I made $105.24. Of which, $93.89 was from stories, and $11.35 was from referred members.

And here’s what the January earning breakdown looks like:

Story earnings $89.04
Referred member earnings $17.64
Total $106.68
Screenshot of Medium earnings: January 2023
Screenshot of Medium earnings: January 2023

The story that earned the highest made $13.39. This is an older story that I published way back in September 2022. In total, this story has earned $172 since publication. It has over 3.2k views, and 45 hours and 25 minutes of total reading time by paid members. This story was originally published in this blog and then republished on Medium.

On a side note, I love republishing stories on Medium because it does two things:

  1. It helps my website’s SEO when I republish with a canonical link back to the original, and
  2. When I lock the story behind the paywall, I make money from Medium! That’s the other thing I love about Medium… the ability to directly earn money without having to promote my stories on social media or elsewhere. I don’t earn a whole lot from Medium, but still, anything helps.

Here’s the original story that was published on this blog:

January Medium stats:

As I was saying, my stories performed worse in January than in December.

In December, I had over 3.2k total views and over 900 total reads. In January, I had around 2.8k views and a little over 800 reads.

Screenshot of January 2023 views and reads stats.
Screenshot of January 2023 views and reads stats.

But the best thing about January was my gain in three new referred members. This is how I was able to make less from stories but still make more in total income. I also gained 104 new followers in January. Follower gain fluctuates from month to month, so 100+ new followers is on the normal end.

January 2023 Medium audience stats.
January 2023 Medium audience stats.

Was there anything new in January?

Well, yes! Thanks for asking 😜

I made a new publication called M-stuff (I’m terrible at naming things, don’t judge!)

This publication is dedicated to Medium, and honestly, all I do is republish my Medium Resources stories on that pub. But here’s the twist: I’ve decided to demonetize all the stories on Medium. For three reasons:

  1. It’s super meta (stories on Medium about Medium)
  2. Hopefully, when folks—who’re not yet Medium members—read those stories, they’ll be intrigued and will join Medium using my referral link (which, in turn, will make me more money! Assuming that happens… we’ll see.)
  3. I’m so new to Medium myself that it feels a little weird to make money while giving advice on Medium…

Honestly, I don’t know if it was a good idea or not… to demonetize all the stories on that pub… but whatever. It’s done.

Plans for February:

I’m thinking of publishing more stories in established publications. In the past, I’ve always made more money that way, so this will be a nice experiment.

And that’s all.

If you’re new to Medium, I recommend reading my beginners’ guide to all things Medium.

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Looking for last month’s Medium income and stats report? Find it below:

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