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Medium Income and Statistics: March 2023

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Medium Monthly Report - March 2023
If you remember what happened in February (hint: it was bad), well, might as well forget that because March turned out worse!


Possibly because of a lot of factors, but mainly, I think, because I didn’t publish enough.

Writers with a tens of thousands of followers likely do not feel it much, but I started writing [seriously] on Medium just this past June, and with only 2.4k followers, I don’t have what it takes to make thousands on Medium. Heck, my best month on Medium was barely $200! That was a while back.

So. Yeah. March. Not good!

Let’s look at the details.

March 2023 Earnings and Stats

Earning was meh. Audience growth was meh. The only good thing was two additional referred members—10, to be specific; up from the previous month’s eight referred members.

Let’s look at some of the numbers:

  • Stories published: six (6)
  • Follower change: +50
  • Net followers: 2,456
  • Referred member change: +2
  • Net referred members: 10
  • Earnings from stories: $26.29
  • Earnings from referred members: $22.18
  • Total earnings: $48.47

Here’s my income chart for the last six months for comparison:

Month Earning
March 2023 $48.47
February 2023 $69.06
January 2023 $108.09
December 2022 $105.24
November 2022 $125.14
October 2022 $143.52
September 2022 $196.27

Assumptions, Expectations, and Some Other Thoughts

From the comparison chart above, it’s obvious that something has gone terribly wrong.

I have no way of knowing the real reason behind this, but I can think of these two things:

  1. I’ve been publishing fewer stories on big publications (because I want to grow my own publication—The Content Generation—which is a small pub right now with only 139 followers.)
  2. It’s possible that I’m choosing the wrong topics to write about (Medium’s audience demographic changes from time to time; it’s a known and contentious factor among many writers on this platform.)

I know last month I said I’d publish more stories on bigger pubs, but due to various personal reasons, I not only did not publish on those big pubs, but I also didn’t publish enough. Period. Technically, I should be publishing six stories per week on Medium, not six stories in an entire month!

I really hope April goes better, but we’ll see. I have a lot on my hands this month already, with my upcoming blog writing workshop and my work on a couple of new products, so it’ll be a challenge to stay on top of Medium as well, especially given that Medium is more of a hobby at this time, and the rest is real work that pays the bills.

Oh well. This is where things stand now.

But before I go, Medium recently (well, more like around the end of February) announced a new thing. It’s called the “Boost.” Read the post below to learn everything there’s to know about what it is and how it works.

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