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Medium Income and Statistics: February 2023

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Medium Monthly Report - February 2023
February on Medium was… well… not great.

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February 2023 Medium Income

Back in September 2022, I wrote a story on Better Marketing that sort of took off. It wasn’t viral by any means, but it was enough to keep making decent money every month since.

It finally stopped getting views around February, and it shows.

Here’s what the February earnings look like:

Story earnings $51.42
Referred member earnings $17.64
Total $69.06

Note: I’m writing this a day after I shot the video above, and turns out my earnings were slightly adjusted. So, in the video, my story earnings were 51.31, but when I started writing this, I realized it was now 51.42. So, yeah, an 11-cent increase. I didn’t want to re-record the whole video just to compensate for that tiny amount, but anyway… now you know.

February 2023 Medium Stats

Not only earnings, but my views, reads, and audience growth also slowed significantly in February.

As I’ve said in the video, I had the least number of new followers in February since July of last year; only 73. My new referral member didn’t change from last month either. In fact, I had gained two new members, only to lose two others. So the net remained the same.

Monthly Difference Net
Followers +73 2,407
Referred members 0 8

In terms of views and reads, I had around 2,300+ views, which is 500+ less than what I had in January. And my reads were 700+, which is almost a hundred less than the previous month.

What’s new in February

I made two big decisions around my Medium activities:

  1. I decided to take a break from, and perhaps eventually retire altogether, one of my publications—The Weekly—because those stories weren’t getting enough views or reads and I wasn’t having much fun writing those weekly pieces either (for the record, I was sharing my weekly stories across platforms, and also some paid freelance writing opportunities I found on Twitter.)
  2. I ended up making a new publication—Blogging FAQs—Where I answer your blogging-related questions.

I feel like I’m trying out too many different things on Medium, but that’s OK. Blogging and content creation are all about taking risks, trying new things, and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That’s the type of mentality that helped me grow The Side Blogger, so why should Medium be any different, hmm?

Goals for March

This is embarrassing… back in February, I said my goal was to publish more stories in big, established pubs. But I didn’t…

So, as you’ve likely guessed, that’s my March goal as well. Let’s hope I do a better job this month!

And that’s it 🙂

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If you’re looking for January’s Medium income and stats report, it’s here:

No really, let’s hope March goes better, yeah?

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