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The Side Blogger is proud of its high-quality and thoroughly researched long-form articles, YouTube videos, and weekly newsletters that cater to fellow content creators.

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If you believe your product or service will be of use to my audience, please get in touch!

Past partners includeCanva, Shutterstock, Podia, and more.


– Resources & Tools

– Blogging

– Writing

– Graphics & Web Design

– Online Income

– Digital Marketing

– Email marketing



> 55% US-based website visitor

> 28k website visitors/month

> 9.3k email subscribers

> 46% average email opens

> 620 YouTube subscribers

> 6.2k YouTube views/month

> 220 hours watched/month

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  • Blog post only $650

    1,000+ words, mostly texts and screenshots as needed.

  • YouTube video $650

    Typically 10-25 minutes, or as needed.

  • Blog post + YouTube video $950

    1,000+ word blog post with texts and screenshots as needed + a YouTube video of 10-25 minutes or as needed.

  • Newsletter ad $147

    Text-only newsletter classified ad with one link. 300 characters or less.

How to Start the Process

Newsletter Ad: You can purchase newsletter ads directly here.

Sponsored posts & videos: Please send me an email with a detailed description of your product/service. If it aligns with my audience, I’ll reach out to you with the next steps.


*** Please note: I do not accept link placements. Also, vague email inquiries without product/service details will be printed out, crumpled up, and thrown into a proverbial dumpster without any response from me. ***