What if You Could Increase Your Email List by 1,000 Subscribers in 4 Months?
No Ads, No Expensive Webinar Tools, But with Your Content Alone?

If you’re a blogger, then I’m sure you’ve felt how I felt when I first started blogging.


I was reading everything I could find online about growing my blog. There was just a little too much information.

But there was one thing that every one of these blogging gurus was saying — You must start building an email list.

But, how does one start building an email list?

I signed up for a free newsletter platform, even created a freebie! Then I added a form on my homepage and waited for people to sign up.

And then there were crickets!

Fast forward a few months and suddenly I was getting tens of subscribers every single day, bringing my list from some 200 subscribers to well over 1,200 subscribers, in just four short months!

What happened?

Well, I wasn’t just waiting all that time, you see? I studied! I found everything I could on list building and then put the strategies to play. And after trying out all the list-building techniques I could find under the sky, I finally found the CORRECT system that got me results!

So, I figured, why not bundle up everything I know and teach the strategies THAT ACTUALLY WORK for new bloggers, to all the other new bloggers out there who’re struggling to grow their email list? 

That’s how List-X-Plode was born.

This course is meant to save you the hours of research I had to put in to finally figure out how to build and grow a fledgling blogger’s thriving email list. I’ve already done the hard part of research and trials and errors, and now you get to reap the benefits!

One-time payment of $197

WHAT A COURSE!!! This is the email list course I didn’t even know I needed! I love how it is focused on practical ways to build an email list with content upgrades and lead magnets and shows practical steps to achieve that! I truly advise anyone trying to build a list to get this course. It is PRACTICAL!
Maliha is continuing with her "List-X-Plode” course as she does with many of her insightful articles-with a sequence and clarity that makes sense to build an email list. Her personable ways of presenting the content make this easy to understand and very doable. Her track record also makes this a method which will "raise the bar" on my list. Having lifetime access to the course with any material she might add and for reference purposes is a no-brainer in my books! This course is invaluable to any blogger who is just starting out or to help any blogger in general who needs to give their email list a boost.

Here’s the thing. When I was studying up all the techniques and strategies to grow my email list, I was super frustrated because so many of the techniques were geared towards people who already had a substantial email list. 

Or they were geared towards bloggers who have had a blog for several months, if not years, and had a ton of content in their blog already.

And there I was, a brand new blogger, wondering what I could do to grow my email list from ground up.

I had to scour the internet and filter the content with excruciating efforts to find out how a newbie blogger with no subscriber and very little content could start to grow a list that wouldn’t take YEARS to get to a point where I could finally start to monetize my blog.

You see, I get it! You’re new at this. You do not have a ton of money to invest in webinar platforms or Facebook ads. You want to make money from your blog. You want to supplement your full-time job with some extra cash. Maybe save up for a vacation or add to your emergency fund.

And as the gurus say, the money in blogging is really in the email list! You MUST grow an email list if you want to monetize your blog, because your subscribers are the ones who will be the most loyal to you and buy from you; not some random XYZ.

Your email list subscribers are the ONLY ones you can count on to have your back. Because your Facebook followers or Instagram followers are fleeting. First of all, you never know when Facebook or Instagram will have PMS and will decide to block your account. It happens ALL THE TIME! For no good reason, some accounts get blocked. 

But your email list is something you have control over. It’s a way to build lasting relationship with your audience that you simply cannot do with your social media followers. 

But who has the time to wait YEARS before that happens?

One-time payment of $197

But then everything changed!

I realized there was, in fact, a way for total beginners to start growing an email list, as fast as 1,000+ subscribers, in just four short months. No ads, no webinars, just plain old blog posts.

Yes, there’s a way to grow your email list fast with just your content, how great is that?!

But there’s a trick to it. A little elbow-grease is needed to figure out exact what type of content you need that will drive traffic to your blog, and have your readers signing up for your email list left and right.

The strategies I teach in List-X-Plode are the very same I used myself to grow my own email list by over 1,000, in just four short months.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to figure out what type of content will get people to sign up for your email list.
  • How to utilize content upgrades and lead magnets to get the maximum number of people to sign up for your email list.
  • How to create content upgrades that will wow your subscribers.
  • How to create and utilize landing pages (+ FREE landing page templates made with Elementor Pro for WordPress) for even more email list subscribers.
  • Tech tutorials to get you started with building and growing your list.
  • Strategies to drive traffic to your landing pages and blog posts with content upgrades.
  • How to utilize free courses to incentivize your email list.
  • How to optimize your blog in a way that guarantees maximum conversion.
  • Strategic placement of email opt-in forms.
  • Tips for creating email list on-boarding welcome sequences.
  • Tips to nurture your list so reduce unsubscribers.
  • Tips for writing welcome sequences and newsletters.

One-time payment of $197