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Included in this Bundle are:

  • A 10-day email course showing you how to start a blog, from selecting a niche, to setting it up, to using Pinterest to drive massive traffic, to growing an email list, to crafting a pathway to go from 0 to $1000/month and then some.
  • A blog launch checklist for when you're ready to hit GO!
  • A brand style guide template made with Canva so that you have consistent style across your blog.
  • A FREE Elementor Pro template for your WordPress blog.
  • A checklist for how to write a blog post that your readers will come back to over and over again.
  • An SEO checklist for your blog posts so you can start ranking with Google and other search engines.
  • A checklist to set up your Pinterest account that will drive massive, targeted traffic to your blog.
  • A workbook template made with Canva that you can use to create opt-in freebies and lead magnets to attract email list subscribers.
  • A media kit template made with Canva that you can use to attract brands and sponsors to collaborate with you.
  • Weekly newsletters when blog posts and new products go live so you can be the first ones to see them + blogging tips and occasional promotions.

Who Am I & Why should you listen to me?

I’m Maliha, your resident side-blogger. You see, I’m here to tell you that you can start a blog on the side, work on it during nights and weekends, and still make a legit side-income even if you have a full-time job or a family to take care of. And I’m saying this because I’ve done exactly that!

I started my blog in June 2018, on the side while working full-time. My goal was simple. Even though I loved my work (and still do!) I still wanted to be financially independent. I hated the idea that if I lost my job, I’d have nothing to fall back on.

I didn’t want to wait for that day to start something new. I wanted to create a life where I’ll have that financial freedom no matter what happened tomorrow!

Fast forward to today and I’m consistently making well over $1,000/month from my blog alone, and much more if you count all of my side hustles 😉

And I did all this on the side, working no more than 15 hours per week on this blog, often less!

If you want to do what I’ve done, sign up for this free course and I’ll give you everything you need to create your own financial freedom machine! It’s a system that gives and gives and keeps giving! 

Course outline:

  • Day 1: Understanding blogging.
  • Day 2: Choose your niche.
  • Day 3 - 4: Create a content plan.
  • Day 5: Pick a name (and domain) for your blog.
  • Day 6: Set up your WordPress blog.
  • Day 7: Set up Pinterest so you can start driving traffic to your blog as soon as you launch.
  • Day 8: Introduction to content quality and email lists.
  • Day 9: Start growing your email list.
  • Day 10: An introduction to making money with affiliate marketing.

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