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Episode 7 – How to Pitch a Guest Post

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Podcast Episode 7 - How to Pitch a Guest Post
In this episode, I draw inspiration (or the lack thereof) from all the guest post pitches I receive all the time and weigh in on what you can do to improve your guest post pitches that actually stand out and get attention from the bloggers you’re pitching to.

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Episode Summary

In today’s podcast, I want to talk about how to pitch your guest post. And no, I won’t be talking about it from the perspective of a guest blogger, but rather from the perspective of someone who receives a lot of guest post pitches.

You see, I receive these pitches almost every other day, and I have yet to be impressed by even one of those pitches. Not a single writer or blogger has ever managed to stand out to me with their pitch. So, today I want to talk a little bit about why that is, and what you can do, as someone wanting to guest post on other blogs, to make your pitch stand out.

Understand that being free is not your selling point

It appears to me that most of these writers and bloggers assume that being free makes them competitive.

It doesn’t.

If you’re trying to pitch to a blogger, chances are they’re somewhat established, and they run a good blog. if they’re anything like me, they care about their blog and what goes into their blog. In short, quality is of utmost importance to them.

For most of us bloggers, our blogs are like our babies. You cannot convince us to have your content on our blogs just because your content is free. Most of us would rather pay a great writer to write on our blog than have rubbish published on our blogs for free.

Show that you’re sincere

Do your research. What is the blog you’re pitching to about? Why do you want to write for this blog? What about this blog stands out to you? Make sure you’re convinced that you’re a good fit for the blog before you try to convince the blogger you’re pitching to that you’re a good fit.

Also, do not make it so obvious that you’re copy-pasting your pitches. Address the blogger you’re pitching to by name. Tell them you want to write for their blog, and actually type the name of their blog. And then show them that it’s in the blogger’s best interest to have you as a writer on their blog.

Tell them how you’ll bring value to their blog

Tell them exactly how you can add value to their blog. You don’t have to write an essay in your pitch (in fact, the shorter the pitch, the better), however, instead of wasting time writing about how much you love a blog or how long you’ve followed a blog, just write a sentence or two that will prove to them that you know what their blog is about. If you’re a good writer, you should be able to do that.

Show them a sample of your writing

Don’t just tell them you’re a great writer. Instead, show them that you’re a great writer by sharing a writing sample. You don’t even have to be a published writer, all you have to do is send them a link to a Google Doc, for example, with your writing on a topic that is similar to what you’re pitching.

Give them a title or two

Don’t tell them that you have ideas for blog posts that’ll add value to their blog. You cannot afford to withhold information. Tell them what you want to write about. Craft a great title or two for the kind of posts you have in mind.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Are you a blogger who receives a lot of guest post requests? Or are you someone who’s trying to guest post to build up your writing resume, gain experience, drive traffic to your business, etc.? Do you have tips for guest post pitches? If so, please feel free to share it in the comments.

The blog post mentioned in this episode by Ming Qian: How to Start Writing and Making Money on Medium: A Beginner’s Guide

Podcast Episode 7 - How to Pitch a Guest Post

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