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Episode 4 – How to Pick One Niche Out of Many Interests

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Podcast Episode 4 - How to pick just one blog niche out of many interests
So, you have a lot of interests and you don’t know how to pick just one of them to write about? Well, fortunately for you, there is one super simple way to pick just the right niche. It is how I decided my niche back in the days, and if you’re a serious blogger wanting to make money from your blog, then this could the way you pick your niche too.

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Episode Summary

Are you trying to write about a lot of different, unrelated things in your blog?

For your own sake, don’t!

Writing about multiple different and unrelated things take a lot of work and commitment, especially if you’re a brand new blogger trying to make a profit as fast as possible.

So, how do you then choose a niche?

You have so many interests after all, and you love all of them!

There is a simple way.

Choose the niche that will be the easiest for you to monetize. 

After all, you’re a serious blogger trying to make money from your blog, yes? If that is the case, pick the niche that will make you the most money 0r a niche that is the easiest to monetize.

And if you’re still not satisfied and feel that you’re unwilling to box yourself into writing just one thing, then there’s a way to fix that too.

Open an account on Medium.com, and start writing about all the other things you’ve been wanting to write about. Don’t worry about making money on Medium, or promoting Medium stories, or growing an email list with your Medium blog, instead, use this platform to write about all the things you’ve ever wanted to write about, without having to worry about a “niche”.

But when it comes to your main blog – a blog on your own platform – pick the most profitable niche out of all of your interests and treat it like it is – a business.

Podcast Episode 4 - How to pick just one blog niche out of many interests

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2 thoughts on “Episode 4 – How to Pick One Niche Out of Many Interests”
  1. Awesome topic! It was really hard to narrow down a niche for my blog, but I chose one about motherhood and hope that it can make a profit!

    1. Hey K! Appreciate the kind words 🙂 Blogs about motherhood are quite popular actually; there are plenty of ways to monetize. Good luck!

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