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Episode 1 – Branching Out to Multiple Platforms

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Podcast Episode 1 - Branching out to Multiple Platforms
In today’s episode, I talk about whether or not you should branch out to create and share your content on other platforms, via other channels such as podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. The right time and the wrong time to do so, and a little anecdote on why I’m starting this podcast now.

By the way, welcome to episode 1 of my brand new podcast!!!


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Episode Summary

In this episode, I wanted to talk about branching out.

Should you be on multiple platforms, such as create a YouTube channel or a podcast?

Some of you know that I always tell new bloggers to not be on all platforms at the same time. For example, I suggest that all new bloggers focus on just three things:

  1. Create awesome content for their blog – because as a blogger, this is your main product, so you must make sure to write fabulous posts.
  2. Grow blog traffic – because if no one is reading your amazeballs posts, then what’s the point, right?
  3. Build an email list – social media is fragile, the only audience you can count on is the one you own, and that’s your email list.

To accomplish #2 and #3, I even recommend you use Pinterest. Not Facebook. Not Instagram. Not any other social media platform – just Pinterest. The reason is simple. If you’re a complete beginner and a side-blogger like myself, you don’t have time. I remember spending hours trying to write one good blog post. If I had to also create content for Facebook or Instagram, I’d be miserable!

So yes, as a total beginner, try not to stretch yourself too thin.

When it comes to branching out to creating videos and podcasts, naturally, it’d be too much for a beginner. So, just don’t.

Focus on blogging (or, if your forte is vlogging, then maybe focus on just that, and leave writing blog posts or podcasting for later…)

The idea is that, as a newbie content creator, you should have one primary method for getting your content out, and build an audience around that content.

After you have a solid audience base (ex. 1000+ email list subscribers, 200+ daily blog traffic), then you can think about branching out.

I’ll close this with one other example.

You see, the reason I feel confident about starting a podcast now is that I’m not going to have to pull my hair out to get the first 10 or even the first hundred listeners to this podcast. It’s because I have put in the work already to create a strong base. I have close to 5K subscribers, and I know that just one newsletter will guarantee those first listeners to my podcast.

But if I didn’t have this base?

Then things would be very different now.

So, to summarize, should you branch out?

The answer is that you should, eventually, when you have built an audience for yourself first with just one primary method of content marketing. After you have an audience, then feel free to brand out, experiment, try new and different things.

That’s it for now. See you in episode 2!

But wait, before you go, I’d love some feedback! I know this podcast is far from being perfect. I’m terrified to put myself out there, but well, I wanted to give it a shot, so please, let me know what you think in the comments or by email to [email protected]

Podcast Episode 1 - Branching out to Multiple Platforms

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10 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Branching Out to Multiple Platforms”
  1. Congrats on your podcast!
    Your information has been so valuable.
    This episode came right on time. I was just experiencing overwhelm from worrying about all I had to do for all platforms I planned on using. I haven’t even launched my blog yet!
    Thank you!

    1. Haha yeah, that happens. It’s best to prioritize and take your time to branch out, in my experience. Good luck with your blog! Starting is the hardest part, once you start, you’ll learn things as you go 🙂

  2. Congrats on your first Podcast Episode. I have been following your blog recently via Pinterest.
    Listen to the First Episode was not bad. I’m also in the same shoes being blogging for a while but scared to be on video or start an audio podcast.
    By the way, I heard about two other podcast channels anchor.fm and Podbean I haven’t tried it but heard they are good too.


  3. Congratulations. I really enjoyed listening your first podcast, because you sound so real, like from your heart. Keep going! ?

    And about branching out in multiple platforms, is true, when you’re new in the blogging world you need to start focusing in one platform first. That’s what I’ve been doing, just in Pinterest and so far I’m doing great! ??

    1. Well done Maliha, I loved listening to you. Keep going. Your blog posts are always packed with worth reading info, so I know your podcast episodes will be the same. Enjoy growing in this new venture.

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