Creative Fabrica Studio: Review of An Online Design Tool (+ A Demo)

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It’s always fun for me to try different design tools. So, when I tried Creative Fabrica Studio—a new online design tool from the folks behind the digital product marketplace—I was pleasantly surprised to find a tool that made me feel nostalgic.

Creative Fabrica Studio is a simpler and cheaper alternative to Canva… it’s like how Canva used to be several years ago; without the bells and whistles but still packed with some pretty powerful features that help you create eye-catching social media graphics and documents with ease.

Honestly, it is the perfect tool for bloggers and small business owners.

Below, I’m going to try and give you a walkthrough of this tool so you can decide whether or not Creative Fabrica Studio is for you.

In this post:

Creative Fabrica Studio Pricing (And How to Sign Up For Special Pricing)

I want to talk about pricing first because right now, if you upgrade via Creative Fabrica Studio, you can enjoy some pretty great discounts (as of writing this). This special pricing won’t last forever, so you better sign up soon!

Here’s how it looks:

Right now, when you upgrade to Creative Fabrica Pro from their Studio page, it allows you to sign up for a 30-day free trial, which at the end of the 30 days, charges you a monthly fee of only $9. This is already a lot cheaper than Canva’s monthly plan of $15 per month.

But! Hear this! If you upgrade to a yearly subscription, it charges you $47 for the whole year upfront, but you get to keep this special pricing forever, as long as you stay subscribed.

Guys… $47 per year is only $3.99 per month.

Discounted Creative Fabrica All Access Pass.
Discounted Creative Fabrica All Access Pass.

AND! This pricing isn’t just for their Studio tool, but  it is the pricing for their “All Access Pass“—originally priced at $29 per month—which includes a commercial license to ALL of their products in their digital marketplace as well —over 169k premium fonts, over 8.8 million graphic assets, over 210k cut files, over 61k embroidery designs, and more.

All Access Pass is typically $29 per month, but you get a huge discount when you sign up for their All Access Pass through Creative Fabrica Studio.
All Access Pass is typically $29 per month, but you get a huge discount when you sign up for their All Access Pass through Creative Fabrica Studio.

Here’s how you sign up for this special pricing:

  • Step 1: Go to Creative Fabrica Studio, and click the purple “Go pro for free” button at the top. This will make you create a new account and then prompt you to sign up for a 30-day free trial for Creative Fabrica’s “All Access Pass.” This 30-day trial automatically upgrades to a monthly All Access Plan at a discounted rate of $9/month.
Screenshot of the "Go pro for free" button on Creative Fabrica Studio's dashboard.
Screenshot of the “Go pro for free” button on Creative Fabrica Studio’s dashboard.
  • Optional Step 2 (for even cheaper pricing): However, you can upgrade to the yearly plan right away, which will charge your credit card for $47. This means your subscription fee will only be $3.99 per month and you can continue to enjoy this price as long as you stay an active subscriber. Forever, if you will!

Note that Creative Fabrica Studio is still pretty new, and will continue to get better with time. Your subscription now will make sure the pricing stays the same for you even into the future.

5 Things I Love About Creative Fabrica Studio

I think it’s a great tool for those of you needing simple social media graphics and documents, without the price tag of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or even Canva.

No, you won’t have the more advanced features of Illustrator to create intricate logos, nor will you have access to tons of third-party apps for cool tricks and features like Canva, but my point is, not everybody needs those things.

Heck, I’m a power Canva user and even I use only a few select apps!

That said, Creative Fabrica Studio still packs a punch.

here are some of the things I love about Creative Fabrica Studio:

1. The various options under the text tool

I love their text tool. It has a lot of fancy styling that Canva didn’t have for a very long time! You can create different types of curves with just a click, and they have a ton of fonts available for different types of designs, starting with some of the basic fonts like Roboto, Cardo, Merriweather, or EB Garamond, to fancier fonts such as Dancing Script, Coiny, Lobster, Overpass, and others.

Creative Fabrica Studio has a lot of different text style options such as tons of fonts to choose from, different types of curves, and more.
Creative Fabrica Studio has a lot of different text style options such as tons of fonts to choose from, different types of curves, and more.

2. The background remover tool

Creative Fabrica’s Background Remover tool is fascinating! It is super fast and almost pixel-perfect! It picks up some of the smallest details and does a really good job of differentiating the subject from its background.

GIF of removing background of a photo using Creative Fabrica Studio.
Removing the background of a photo using Creative Fabrica Studio.

3. The in-design resize option

I love that you can resize a design right inside the design itself. It is easy to get to, and the process is super simplified. Just type the dimension you want in pixels, and hit the “Apply” button. That’s it. Sure it is not as sophisticated as Canva quite yet where you can create multiple designs and dimensions for a single design with a few clicks, but sometimes you just want to keep things simple, which is what Creative Fabrica Studio is all about: simplicity.

Screenshot of resizing a design within Creative Fabrica Studio.
Screenshot of resizing a design within Creative Fabrica Studio.

4. The layers panel

I love that Creative Fabrica Studio has a layers panel that opens up separately (on the right side of the window) from the main design options panel on the left. This layer panel allows you to quickly move layers to the back or front just with your mouse.

That’s one feature I like even more than how Canva does it simply because there are fewer steps involved on Creative Fabrica Studio (thanks to the separate “Layers” panel.)

Screenshot showing the "layers" panel on Creative Fabrica Studio.
Screenshot showing the “layers” panel on Creative Fabrica Studio.

5. Spark AI

Just like Canva’s “Magic Media,” Creative Fabrica Studio’s “Spark AI” can create complex art with a prompt from the user. You have different options inside Spark AI: the option to create transparent PNG graphics, or complex art that allows you to generate images using different dimensions.

In some ways, Spark AI is even superior to Canva’s Magic Media. I had a lot of fun playing around with this tool and creating different types of AI art. Here’s a duck (PNG) I generated using Spark AI.

Spark AI generated duck.
Spark AI generated duck.

Who is Creative Fabrica Studio For?

As fun as Creative Fabrica Studio is, remember that the tool is still pretty new, so it comes with limitations.

A few of those limitations are:

  • You cannot work with videos, yet.
  • No third-party app integrations.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any way of collaborating with others.
  • The pre-made template library is very limited. This is expected, of course, given how brand-new this tool is. But yeah, if you’ve become used to Canva’s ginormous template library, then you’ll find Creative Fabrica Studio’s collection rather lacking.

Provided these current limitations, I believe Creative Fabrica Studio is best for creators who work with simple graphics. For example, if you want to whip up a minimalist yet attractive Pinterest Pin or Instagram post in a couple of minutes, then you have no need for Photoshop or Illustrator… or even Canva, might I add.

For only $3.99 a month (when you subscribe to the annual plan), Creative Fabrica Studio is a design tool for bloggers and small-business owners on a budget.

A Demonstration of Creative Fabrica Studio in Use

Watch me design an Instagram post for a typical blogger 🙂

That’s it for today 🙂

If you give Creative Fabrica Studio a try, let me know your thoughts?

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This blog post was sponsored by the amazing Creative Fabrica Studio.
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