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I see so many people wanting to make just a few hundred bucks more every month, for rent, for student loan payments, or for a new car… But they just don’t know how to.

If you already know how to use Canva, then here's your opportunity to make an extra $1,000+ every month!

Before I say more, here’s how much I’ve made from Canva templates in the first two months of 2024 from just one of my shops — my shop on this website: $2,262.

Screenshot of WooCommerce sales report showing Canva template income from The Side Blogger template shop.

So yes, it’s a pretty cool side hustle gig, and one that’s fun too!

Imagine what you could do with an extra grand or two… buy the latest iPhone that just came out? (Or, if you’re like me, you’re eyeing that latest Pixel. To hell with i-everything!) Pay all the utility bills just from your side hustle? Save for a deposit on a new car?

Hmmm… Wouldn’t that be nice?!

If you love Canva — the online graphic design app — then I have an idea. What if you sold your Canva-made designs as templates???

What does a Canva template business look like at a glance?
Make over $1,000 per month
A secondary income can help you save for a car or a house, pay off loans, start an emergency fund, or just treat yourself without having to worry about paying your rent or bills.
Work only a few hours per week
Have a full time job? Got a family to take care of? Or maybe both? No worries! I built my Canva template business on the side, working no more than a few hours every week. If I can do it, so can you!
Beginner designers A-OK

All you need is a genuine curiosity, willingness to learn and refine your design skills, and a love for Canva. With that, you can create a legit side-income stream selling Canva templates.

I'm Maliha from The Side Blogger, and I will show you how to sell your Canva designs as templates! But why me, you ask? Well...

Let me share a little bit about who I am and what makes me the perfect person to teach you this Canva template side-business.

I started my blog – The Side Blogger – in June 2018. I then found Canva thanks to some friends who wouldn’t shut up about how amazing this app is. 

Soon, I fell in love with Canva

I couldn’t stop myself from creating, sometimes just to relieve stress. I must have been doing something right because soon Canva reached out to me and made me their brand ambassador. Today, I’m a proud and verified Canva Expert, as well as a Canva creator and an affiliate.

Canva Creator Badge

I found out that people LOVE Canva templates

I found out that people loved Canva templates quite by accident. Because as easy as Canva is to use and create with, not many people have the time or the design skills to create beautiful graphics and other digital products.

I started earning over $2K per month with Canva templates

Upon realizing the growing demand for Canva templates, I set up a shop on my blog around January 2019, and started selling! Soon after, I also started selling my Canva templates on Creative Market and Etsy. In 2020 and 2021, I made over $2,000 from my Canva template sales every month, on average!

Now that’s one profitable side-hustle!

The Side Blogger Canva Template Shop
The Canva Template Shop on The Side Blogger
Here's What You'll Learn
Preparing for Success

You will learn the things you’ll need to know to get started with selling Canva templates. I will show you what you will need to not only start selling but selling in a way that will ensure a larger audience reach and attraction.

Prepping Your Products
You’ll learn how to create the right kind of products that will attract the maximum audience. Things like setting up your shops, creating a product line, prepping your products for selling — you’ll have all this information at your fingertip!
Selling on Your Own Website
If you’re selling on your own website, you will need to take care of things like setting up your shop, drive traffic to your products, license your templates, etc. You’ll learn all that in this course.
Selling on Creative Market
Every platform has its own quirks. If you’re planning to sell your Canva templates on Creative Market, then I can help you with tips that will improve your chances of getting approved by the platform, drive more traffic, and get more sales.
Selling on Etsy
Etsy is one of the easier platforms to start selling your templates on. I have a whole module dedicated to selling your Canva templates on Etsy which will cover things like finding the right tags, getting more traffic, and sales!
Design Tips for Better Templates
This course assumes you have a decent handle on design and Canva in general. That said, a little tip here and there from a veteran Canva template seller can’t hurt. Since I have a good 2+ years of experience doing this under my belt, it’s only fair I share the knowledge with you!
Template Usability Tips

It’s one thing to be a good designer, but another to create templates that are easy for your buyers to edit and customize. That’s why I have a module dedicated to Canva template usability. After all, if you want repeat buyers and raving reviews, you need to make sure they fall in love with your templates!

Pinterest Tips for Driving Traffic

Whether you’re selling on your own website or on a third party platform such as Etsy or Creative Market, you should always aim to take ownership of driving traffic to your products. As for me, I do that with Pinterest, and I’ll show you how you can drive traffic to your products with Pinterest too!

Tips and Tricks for More Sales

Finally, I’ll give you my tried and tested tips and tricks for selling more of your products. These techniques have worked well for me, and I bet they’ll work for you too. These simple-to-apply tips and tricks can drastically improve your total monthly revenue!

Are there bonuses, you ask? Of course, there are!
Base Canva templates

If you're a brand new designer and unsure of what to put in your templates, I have specifically designed some popular types of Canva base templates that you can refer to and get ideas from, or use as a base for your own templates so that you're not starting from scratch.

Free group support for a year

You have access to the course forever. In addition, if you have a question regarding any of the course material, I'll answer them on a biweekly basis. For free! For a whole year!

Future updates & additions

Things in the digital sphere are always changing. That's why your purchase of the course now will give you access to all future updates and additions to the course. I also do Canva related webinars on special topics from time to time, and as an SICT student, you will receive these webinars for free!

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Here are the things you’ll be missing out on if you don’t grab the course now!

The opportunity to ask me questions and get personalized answers!

Every month you'll have a chance to ask me questions about selling Canva templates. This is a self-paced course but I understand that you may come across a unique question or need some clarity on certain topics. And that's why, every month I hold a group coaching call just so I can answer these questions. You have a chance to submit questions in advance or during the live call. Calls are also recorded in case you miss the live session. For a whole year from your purchase date, you'll have access to these coaching calls for free!

Free base templates!

To help you get a jump-start on your template creation, I have some popular Canva templates that you can use as a base for your own designs or to find inspiration and motivation. My hope is that these base templates will help ease you into creating more Canva templates as you grow your shops.

Periodic template critiques!

Roughly every quarter, I hold a template critique session where I pick 2-4 templates from my students to critique and give feedback. My students love these sessions! It's a way to understand what makes a good design, and implement these suggestions in your own creations.

And don’t forget, your purchase now will secure this course for you, forever! Even if my pricing model changes in the future, nothing will change for you 🙂

What the Students are Saying

"I have followed Maliha’s blog for just over 3 months prior to purchasing the Side Income with Canva Templates course, and usually it takes me at least one year before I buy any products from bloggers! The detailed strategies she shares in this course can help anyone implement selling any digital products. I highly recommend this course to anyone who enjoys the creative process and wants to make some passive income."
Christina Di Noia
"This course was just what I was looking for. It was very thorough and answered every single question I had about creating and selling Canva templates. I've set up my website and added Canva templates to sell. My next step is opening an Etsy store as well as selling on Creative Market. I have so many plans for my new Canva business and I owe it all to you, Maliha. Thank you so much!"
Yolanda Sappington
"I just bought the course and wasn't sure if I'd learn a lot but I wanted to give it a try. And now I'm sitting at my table and I'm SO damn grateful that I found this course because I've learned a lot! Especially a lot of functions in Canva I didn't know before. I also learned a lot about Etsy/Creative Market and so much more!"
Marbleous Design
You'll learn how to sell Canva templates and make at least $1,000 per month

I’m about to teach you everything I have done to make over two grands per month on average in 2020, selling Canva templates.

Through trial and error, I’ve found what works and what doesn’t

That’s why I can teach you all the ins and outs of being a successful Canva template seller who can make at least $1,000 per month, and then more!

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