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Do you love Canva? Do you like designing with Canva?

In this course, I will teach you how you use your Canva skills to create a side income steam, and make $1,000+ every month.

Make $1,000+ Every Month, Selling Canva Templates

Depending on a single income stream is risky.

A secondary income can help you save for a car or a house, pay off loans, start an emergency fund, or just treat yourself without having to worry about paying your rent or bills.

If you love Canva and designing with Canva, if you’re already using Canva for yourself or your clients, then you can now create a side-income stream from selling Canva templates.

You Only Have to Put in a Few Hours per Week

I have been able to make over $3,000 per month selling Canva templates, and I only work a few hours a week.

And now, you can do that too. Because, I’m going to teach you how!

You Don't Need to Be An Expert in Graphic Design

You just need to want to design, have a willingness to learn and improve your design skills, and above all, enjoy designing in Canva.

Because you know what? I have zero graphic design background. In fact, I went to college for engineering! But even so, I was able to go from being downright yuck to being able to sell thousands of dollars worth of Canva templates!

In fact, let me show you a comparison of what my products looked like a year ago in May, 2019, and what they look like today!

Shop before and now

All I needed was a love for design and a willingness to learn to be a better designer. And if I have improved so much in just a year, there’s no reason you can’t!

I'm Going to Teach You How You Can Sell Canva Templates and Make $1,000 per Month, And Then More

I started selling Canva templates just a year and a half ago, and during this time, I have been able to grow and scale my Canva templates business, and have gone from making just a couple of hundred bucks per month, to over $3,000 per month.

In fact, take a look at my revenue from Canva template sales in April and May of 2020:

Revenue from Canva Template Sales

Through Trial and Error, I’ve Found What Works and What Doesn’t.

That’s why I can teach you all the ins and outs of being a successful Canva template seller who can make at least $1,000 per month, and then more!

Here's What You Will Learn

Selling Canva templates require more than just designing a few templates and then setting up a shop. In this module, I will break down the crucial steps for you to be able to sell Canva templates, and actually make money from it.

If you want to sell Canva templates, you need to make sure you’re setting up the details right. For example, do you know who you’re selling to? Do you have a product line? Have you prepared your deliverables? Do your product prices reflect your product quality? Do you know how to write a good description for your product? What about licensing and shop terms?

I make a bulk of my revenue from selling Canva templates on my own site. In this module, you’ll learn how to set up a shop on WordPress with WooCommerce, selling tips, and everything you need to know to sell Canva templates on your own platform, as opposed to on third-party marketplaces. 

This module is all about the super popular digital template marketplace – Creative Market. You will learn all you need to know to be a successful Canva template seller on Creative Market in this module.

Did you know that you could sell Canva templates on Etsy too? Selling on Etsy is very different from selling on your own site or selling on Creative Market. You need totally different strategies to be a successful Canva template seller on Etsy. And in this module, I’ll show you everything you need to know!

Perhaps you’re not an expert graphic designer, but you still love Canva, and you enjoy creating with Canva. Well, I have good news! In this module, I’ll give you some tips and tricks to getting better at designing, and improving your design skills. 

OK, you’ve set up your shop(s), and now it’s time to sell. But wait, how do you even get people to come to your shop? Well, the answer is Pinterest! In this module, I’ll give you some super useful Pinterest tips so you can up your Pinterest game and make those sales!

In this module I’ll share with you some of my top performing, tried and tested, selling strategies that will increase your sales drastically!

Your Investment

Your one time payment of only $149 will give you access to all the modules in this course instantly, plus, all future updates, free of charge!

This purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

**Please note that this course is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by Canva.**