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Is Blogging Right for You and How to Get Over the Fear of Starting a Blog

A reality check for those who're not sure if they should start a blog, whether blogging is right for them, and how to get over fear of starting a blog.

I get this question a lot.

I mean, A LOT!

And it’s always some version of the same thing: how does one get started when they already have a full-time job, or not enough money, or what if they end up biting more than they can chew… etc.

After the latest email from a reader asking yet another version of the aforementioned, I figured it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

How To Grow a Thriving Email List As a Newbie Blogger

Are you struggling to build an email list? Do you ever wonder how other bloggers do it? Well, the wait's over. I'm spilling all my beans for how I grew a list of 1K subscribers in just the first 10 months of blogging.

You’ve likely heard it a million times by now.


Now, why do people say that?

Well, in today’s post that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about along with how to start growing your email list when you’ve just started blogging, some strategies to implement that have worked for me and are likely to work for you too.

Well then, let’s get started!

How the Heck Do You Use ConvertKit–The Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers Ever!

A detailed tutorial of ConvertKit -- one of the most popular email marketing platforms for bloggers and small business owners -- on how to build an email list and send newsletters - The Side Blogger #emaillist #emailmarketing #newsletter #blogging #blogger #subscriber

After you buy a domain and hosting, the next thing I suggest you spend your money on is a fabulous email marketing platform. And for bloggers, that fabulous platform is ConvertKit, hands down!

OK, let me backtrack a little because I think I packed a little too much in that intro…

Let me start at the beginning.

How and Why Should A Smart Blogger Create a Stunning Media Kit (+ FREE Canva Template)

A post on why and how should a smart blogger create a stunning media kit in preparation for sponsored content and posts. Includes a free media kit template made with Canva.

Bloggers and Social Media influencers are mighty!

No, really!

I’ve always read about bloggers working with brands left and right but never thought this was a possibility for The Side Blogger. It’s not so much that I thought this would never happen, it’s just that, it wasn’t even in my radar! I was too busy coming up with ginormous posts (have you noticed how my posts lately have been extra-extra long? I’m not even trying, really!) and trying to keep up with my pinning strategies to drive as much traffic as I can in hopes of selling more affiliate products and Canva templates, when… this happened!

I started getting emails from companies about partnering up to create review posts or just asking me to mention their names on my blog with link-backs.

I’ve already had a media kit, just never had a chance to actually use it. But when I received an email from a particularly well-known company, I knew I was on to something without even having realized it myself!

So, it was time to finally brush up the media kit and update the stats.

How to be A Pinterest Boss in Less Than 30 Minutes and Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

How to become a Pinterest Boss in less than 30 minutes and drive mega traffic to your blog - A Pinterest tutorial by The Side Blogger | #blogging #pinterest #pinteresttips #bloggingtips

No really, see, it says above that this blog post is a 23-minute read!!!

This wasn’t a clickbait!

Err, moving on … here’s what I can guarantee today. If you read this long-ass post thoroughly, this all-around Pinterest tutorial will help you understand the platform, implement killer strategies, and drive massive traffic to your blog. So, while the post should take an average of 23 minutes to read, more or less some depending on your reading speed, I suggest you take a bit longer and REALLY internalize everything that I’m saying here.

Ready? Let’s start!

If you’ve been around TSB long enough, you know that I drive most of my website traffic via Pinterest.

There’s a reason for that. A few in fact!

  1. Pinterest is a search engine just like Google, but instead of scouring through EVERYTHING on the Internet, Pinterest searches content only on its own database. Which means, getting people to find your content is a whole lot easier on Pinterest than it is on Google.
  2. While Pinterest is a search engine, it has social media like features. To start with, you need to have a Pinterest account in order to Pin (which is like submitting/sharing content on the Pinterest platform). This also means, unlike other search engines, on Pinterest, other Pinners (those who have Pinterest accounts) can follow you, just like people do on social media. People can also comment on your Pins, you can use hashtags on your Pins, and a whole bunch of very social-media-like features that make it easy for people to find your content.
  3. Pinterest is a visual search engine. A big part of your success on this platform depends on how well-designed your Pins are. And if you know anything about TSB, you know I’m big on this. I love good design, and I don’t mind spending quality time creating things I find beautiful. Which makes Pinning not only something I do to drive traffic to my blog, but also something I have fun with!

27 Dumbest Mistakes New Bloggers Often Make

A list of 27 dumbest mistakes that make a new blogger look like an incompetent fool, drive readers away, and set the blogger in the course of failure.

Let’s see.

You want to start a blog. You have big ideas, and lofty goals, like, you’ll tell your story and save the world.

And you’ll make a whole lot of money, quit your job, and move to Bali where you’ll spend the rest of your life and be zen.

So you plunk down on a chair, all determined, buy a domain, hosting, set up a blog, and start punching away on your keyboard, one blog post at a time, right?

Easy peasy!

And then, after a few weeks, or maybe after a couple of months, you start to realize that something is missing.

Something just isn’t right!

The money isn’t flowing in as fast as you thought it would.

You hardly have readers, and even the ones that do land on your blog, do not seem to have any interest in anything you have to say.

The result?

You’re screwed.