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How to Use Canva Magic Write — An AI Writing Tool Built Into Canva

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How to Use the AI Writing feature Built into Canva
AI is the latest fad; why should Canva fall behind, eh? So it’s created its own version of AI writing tool called the Magic Write.

What is Canva Magic Write?

Magic Write is a feature within Canva that lets you create AI-generated content.

Free Canva users can use Magic Write up to 25 times. Canva Pro members can use Magic Write for up to 75 times within a billing month (annual members also get 75 uses per month.) If you want, you can sign up for a 45-day FREE Canva Pro trial using my unique affiliate link.

As of writing this, Magic Write has a 500-word output limit for a single generation.

What can you write with Canva Magic Write?

I’ve used it to write short descriptions of things, lists of ideas, potential blog post outlines, etc.

Personally, I like it for quick brainstorming sessions. For example, in the tutorial I’m about to share with you, I used Magic Write to get ideas for Instagram stories, specifically as a content creator. You can also create ideas for quick taglines, short definitions, ad copy, social media copy, email subject lines, etc.

I wouldn’t use Magic Write for a full blog post or article (as is the case with all AI writing tools as of writing this.) AI content is often inaccurate when it comes to factual information, and quite rudimentary too. When using an AI writing tool, including Canva Magic Write, use common sense, always fact-check everything, and be mindful of the ethical use of AI content.

Who should use Canva Magic Write?

Anyone who needs AI to help them brainstorm ideas. Please note that Canva Magic Write is still in its beta stage (as of writing this post.)

If you’re a power user of AI-generated content, a much better alternative may be ChatGPT, which has a great free version. Aside from ChatGPT, there are some other paid alternatives too, such as Writesonic—which I’ve written about before, Jasper,, and others.

But if like me, you’re only using AI content occasionally to help you come up with social media post ideas or interesting taglines and headlines for emails, stories, posts, etc., and you’re already on Canva Pro, then Magic Write can be great for those quick ideations.

How to use Canva Magic Write?

Here’s a video guide to using Canva Magic Write. If you prefer written directions, it’s right below this video.

Using Magic Write is laughably simple. These are the steps:

  • Open Canva and make sure you’re logged in.
  • Create a new “doc” design. Magic Write only works on docs as of writing this. (I know it’s annoying to keep reading “as of writing this,” but things change quickly in Canva—much quicker than I can keep up, LOL.) First, click “Create a design,” then search for “Doc.”
To use Magic Write, first, open a "Doc" in Canva.
To use Magic Write, first, open a “Doc” in Canva.
  • In the editor, click anywhere in the design to bring up the “plus” sign.
  • Click this “plus” sign to bring up available options.
  • From the drop-down, click “Magic Write.”
Click the "plus" sign to bring up options.
Click the “plus” sign to bring up options.
From the options, click "Magic Write."
From the options, click “Magic Write.”
  • A new prompt field will come up and it’ll ask you to enter your prompt—whatever it is you want AI to generate for you. Your prompt should be as descriptive as possible for the best results (at least 5+ words). But be mindful that at present, there is a 200-word input limit. For most things, however, 200 words are plenty!
  • After you write the prompt, hit “Enter” to generate content.
Enter your prompt in the designated field, and then hit "Enter" to generate content.
Enter your prompt in the designated field, and then hit “Enter” to generate content.

For example, I gave it this prompt:

“Give me 5 tips for spring cleaning a small apartment.”

And Canva Magic Write created this outline in a couple of seconds (see the image below).

This is the output of Canva Magic Write.
This is the output of Canva Magic Write.

And that’s it.

Please use Magic Write or any AI writing with caution. They’re notorious for being confidently incorrect. Use them to brainstorm but never use them verbatim or without fact-checking first.

You can find more about Magic Write here, directly from Canva.

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