The Blog Profit Calculator

A rough estimate of how much you could be making with your blog today, in six months, and in one year.

Are you wondering how much money you could potentially make with your blog? Here’s a nifty little tool I made for you to calculate your blog earning and profit. 

Keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate; your true blog earning and profit will depend on a multitude of factors — your niche, how much content you actually publish, the quality of your content, your total investment, your knowledge of how to make money and how to grow and email list, etc. — that are practically impossible to take into account.

If you make more than what the estimate shows, congrats! You’re doing great!

If you make less, well, you have room to grow.

With that said, just fill out all of the fields (only 3!) below to see the estimated number of total subscribers, monthly estimated revenue or earning, monthly estimated cost of operations, and monthly estimated profit today, in 6 months, and in 1 year.

Learn How Much You Can Make From Your Blog

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