10 Powerful Topics That Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog

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10 powerful blog post topics for any blogger
No matter your niche, there are certain topics that always get people’s attention.

As a blogger, it’s a good idea to have a few posts on these topics handy. If you’re busy or haven’t had a chance to write an elaborate blog post, you can just bring out one of these canned posts out, hit publish, and voila!

The good thing about these types of posts is that, even though they’re not unique in any way, you can still tailor them to your specific niche, and they will look and feel as though they’re unique.

The idea is simple: have a number of these evergreen topics at your disposal, and then when the time calls for it, simply fashion the posts with content specific to your niche.

Today I’ll be sharing 10 such post topics for when you don’t have the time to think up complex topic ideas, but you still want to write something that will be valuable to your readers.

1. Write Something to Expel Your Readers’ Fears

Not many things have as big of an impact on a person as fear does.

It also makes for a great read when you tap into this fear.

Think about what your typical reader is fearful of. For example, do you have a blog where you share tips and tricks to living a healthy and vegan lifestyle? What could a newbie to vegan diet be fearful of? Maybe they’re not sure how they could be getting all required vitamins and minerals without eating animal products? Can you write a blog post that expels this fear?

Write up a few tips and tricks to having a balanced vegan diet, and I’m sure it will be a super hit blog post!

You see, the idea of writing a blog post that taps into the readers’ fears isn’t anything new. However, it’s a legit topic that your readers can benefit from.

You can find such topics no matter what niche you’re in. When you have some time, make a list of things that your readers are fearful of, and then write about them periodically. It’s a great way to not only helping your readers but to also drive massive traffic to your blog.

Pro tip: See if you can pair up such a blog post with an opt-in freebie, such as a checklist or a workbook. Kill two birds with one stone! A popular topic will drive traffic, and the freebie will incentivize your readers into converting to subscribers!

2. Share Something Newsworthy

Again, no matter your niche, there’s always something to be found that may be newsworthy to your readers.

Let’s take a look at our favorite blog niche: vegan diet. (I realize that I use this as an example a lot. In case people start thinking that I’m vegan, I wanted to clarify that I’m NOT!)

Can you think of something newsworthy in this niche that readers will gobble up? How about a recent report on how animals are treated which may convince some meat eaters on the fence of veganism to turn vegan or at least empower those who are already vegan in their belief that they’re doing the right thing by avoiding any and all animal products?

(I’m not even vegan as I said, and yet, I’ve just found a very compelling article about how cows are mistreated in Australia. Have a read!)

3. Write about Something Controversial

If nothing else, people LOVE reading about controversial things. They may not agree with you, but they’ll read your post anyway! You may even get some angry comments, so make sure to thicken your skin in preparation. But well, having a thick skin is a virtue for a blogger, so nothing’s lost here.

What kind of posts are deemed controversial? Let us go back to our fictional vegan diet blogger here. Let’s say our blogger is having a hard time coming up with an interesting topic for the day. Then she remembers reading this blog post and decides she’ll write about something controversial.

How about a blog post suggesting it’s OK for vegans to eat eggs that come from humanely raised, cage-free hens who were never fed anything questionable?

You can see how this could be VERY controversial, right? I know a few vegans and let me assure you, these folks would be FURIOUS just at the very suggestion of eating eggs.

Pro tip: Always make sure to protect yourself. It’s one thing to blog about controversial topics, but you don’t want to come off as thoughtless, or worse, dishonest. When you write about such topics, always add a note about how you’re not necessarily suggesting that all vegans should start eating eggs, but that you, personally, think it could be OK. Be humble, and be respectful of your readers. And again, developing a thick skin should come handy.

4. Provide a Solution to a Problem

Our friendly vegan blogger probably has a few readers who’re struggling to stick to a vegan diet because they don’t like to eat vegetables. How about scouring through the internet to find some unique vegan recipes that do not make one feel like a goat chomping on grass day in and day out?

How about preparing a meal plan for the readers, and offer it as an opt-in freebie?

The thing about such posts is that if you can come up with a problem that’s quite persistent among a lot of your readers, offering a solution to such a problem will make your blog post an instantaneous hit!

5. Compile a List of Resources

This is always a great filler blog post, and helpful too. This comes in many shape and form. Joanna from A Cup of Jo has a list every Friday of things she’s found interesting. Since hers is a “lifestyle” blog with no particular niche (OK, maybe fashion and motherhood, but really, she a little bit about everything!), she just rounds up all her personal favorite things that may or may not serve as a “resource” but hey, it’s a list!

If you have a niche blog, you can totally use the same formula (like, maybe a weekly list post of useful resources?) and come up with your unique list of resources that will help your readers.

6. Tell a Story

Sharing a personal story does a few things. It makes the blogger look more real and more human to the readers (and not just a highly intelligent robot in disguise). Personal stories make readers feel connected to the human side of the blogger. And often, it can give the reader a sense of belonging.

For example, perhaps our favorite vegan blogger faced a lot of scrutinies from her friends and family members when she first decided to stop eating or using animal-based food and products.

Guess what? Chances are, a lot of her readers likely went through the same or going through the same at present. Sharing such intimate details of the blogger’s personal life can make these readers feel like they have found a safe space where they are understood.

7. Share Something that Makes Your Readers Become More Aware

Back to our vegan blogger. It may be a good idea to remind readers from time to time, why they chose to become vegan in the first place. Make a case for the cause, and take up the responsibility to spread awareness.

Think of this as equipping your readers with weapons. Weapons of knowledge and wisdom. Imagine a scenario where one of your readers is being scrutinized for his choices. Just saying that he finds eating meat cruel isn’t enough. Give your reader solid evidence backed reasons as to why it makes perfect sense to be a vegan in this day and age.

After reading your blog post, your reader should be able to dive into any and all argument against veganism and come out the other side as a winner.

You can use this sort of post practically for any and all niche. Better yet, pair up your post with an opt-in freebie — like a list of all main pointers, for example.

8. Everyone’s Favorite Topic: How to Save Money

Money is life guys! And while there’s a common saying that money can’t buy happiness, I would like to argue and say that it does, in fact, can to a degree. Imagine this: let’s say you’re the significant other of our vegan blogger. And while you yourself are not vegan, you do your best to accommodate your partner.

But there are days when you want to just get the hell away from the house and eat those juicy steaks to your heart’s content while your partner is raising up a storm on her laptop writing up one vegan recipe after another.

Now, if you didn’t have money, how would you be able to do that, huh?!

Ridiculous exaggerations aside, there are a lot of ways you can tie in some money saving tips into your niche. Vegan blogger? No problem. Write a blog post about how to budget for your vegan groceries that can save a couple of hundred bucks every month while not compromising on the quality of the food.

Fitness blogger? No problem. What are some heavy duty fitness routines you can follow at home, without spending the big bucks for expensive equipment or gym fees?

Book review blogger? Oh boy! How about you tell us how to get cheap books, or better yet, FREE books? (Hint: get a library card!)

9. How to be a Blogger?

There can never be enough blog posts about how to be a blogger. The reason this works, even though every blogger has one or two of these posts regardless of niche, is because every blogger has his or her unique way about doing this blogging thing. So, while you’re not writing anything new or reinventing the wheel per se, your unique way of looking at the whole blogging thing may just spark something inside your reader.

10. Share How You Make a Living Off of Blogging

Blogging is gaining in popularity really fast. And for good reasons too. If you write a blog post about how to be a blogger, consider following it up with how you make a living (or at least make some money on the side) with your blog. These two topics go really well together.

Well, that’s it for now, guys! You can never go wrong with these 10 topics, trust me on this! Just make sure to add your own unique spin to these topics, and readers would love them and share them and help you grow your blog.

Good luck, and if you have topics that you swear by, and you think could be good additions to this list, do share in the comments.

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Grow your blog with these 10 time tested, powerful topics; tailor them to your readers' benefit and voila, no matter what niche you're in | The Side Blogger #blog #blogging #blogtips #bloggingtips #blogger

Here's a list of 10 topics that you can customize to your niche to gain more traffic and readers to grow your blog. - The Side Blogger #blog #blogging #blogger #bloggingtips
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  1. Päivi / Delight Digital Direction

    Such a great list of blog ideas! I got few ideas for my next posts. I will bookmark this for the future inspirations. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Hey Maliha! What an excellent blog post. I opened it thinking it’s another blog with a few topic suggestions for blogging. But it came out to be a totally different one. I liked all the ideas you mentioned above. It even gave me a few ideas for blog posts for my travel niche. Thanks and great work.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. I started my blog in November. I have good page views, but no one likes, comments or share it… much less subscribe. I am beginning to get a little discouraged. ?

    1. Hi Nidia, I honestly do not pay attention to likes and comments. They’ll come eventually, without you having to do anything at all. What you need to do is create content that people want to read, and then drive traffic to it (hint: Pinterest!). As for the subscription, do you have an opt-in freebie/lead magnet? Use an incentive to get more subscribers. Do a search on the blog and you’ll find plenty of resources on Pinterest and list-building, and of course, there’s Blogging Blueprint, my premium course bundle that has everything you need to succeed as a beginner blogger. Blogging success takes time, as I always say to my students: patience and perseverance, those are the keys! Don’t be discouraged and keep at it! Good luck!

  4. Wow! Finally a blogpost which is not full of fluff and nonsense when it comes to this topic. Thanks so much for the advice and list. LOVE the aesthetic of your blog by the way XD

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  6. I just found you on Pinterest. This is a very well written post / list. Very easy to skim and grab exactly what you need. I just took notes down to work on the “interesting lists” and also one to quell the readers’ fear about something. Thank you again- very useful post.

  7. I like this post, Maliha. Awesome tips. And I like your sub-headings, they are simple, and anybody could catch the concept of what you’re saying immediately.

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